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I’m blessed to be a friend to many pastors … hundreds of them. I believe every pastor needs and deserves a friend who can listen to his challenges and dreams and respond with wisdom and godly counsel. I’m thankful that God has allowed me to be that kind of friend to so many pastors. Since I’m not emotionally attached to their situations or their teams, I can offer objective feedback, input, suggestions and/or solutions. I have said to many lead pastors over the years: “I could never do what you do, but if you’ll allow me to assist you, I can help you do what you do more effectively.”

After 20 years in vocational ministry, I joined the pastoral team at Gateway Church in early 2003. At the time, Gateway was less than three years old. I was employee #23 and pastor #7. During my 14+ years on the Gateway team, our church staff grew to several hundred employees and our average weekend attendance grew from 1,500 on one campus to over 35,000 on six campuses. Needless to say, serving on the Gateway team was a wonderful ministry experience for me.

For 12 years, while overseeing Gateway’s ministry to pastors and churches, I had the privilege of traveling and consulting close to 300 churches. These were the most enjoyable and productive years of my 35-year ministry career. In serving these pastors and churches, I believe I discovered what I was born to do. This “coaching and consulting” ministry allows me to carry out the call of God on my life to serve to pastors and churches of all sizes, denominations and backgrounds.

I don’t have a “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach” that I try to implement at every church. Rather, I get to know each pastor and his team – then together we discover and create a customized plan to help them address their challenges and accomplish their dreams.

If you’re a pastor, please take a few minutes to explore all the information on this website. If you’d like to know more about me, click here: WHO I AM. To get a better understanding of the services I offer, check out: WHAT I DO. You can also watch videos from other pastors I’ve served – those are found here: WHAT THEY SAY. Finally, Bethani and I are members of Gateway Church and we base our work out of our home church with the blessing of our leadership. Here is an endorsement from my pastor, ROBERT MORRIS.

My friends at ARC have taught me that the most effective ministry takes place relationally. Time has certainly proven this approach to be true. So, if you’d like to take the first step to get better acquainted, please introduce yourself to us by clicking here: CONTACT.

It would be an honor to speak with you and learn more about your church.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!