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This foundational truth will influence everything I do as a coach and consultant:


I believe that a healthy local church – led by healthy leaders – is the hope of the world.


I am passionate about helping leaders get healthy so that they can build healthy churches and fulfill their God-given potential.

How does the EFM Coaching plan work?

I have three coaching options from which to choose:


My Coaching services are primarily conducted through video calls. These calls focus on both Personal and Professional development for pastors. If we’re discussing your personal life (marriage, family), you may include your wife. If we’re discussing your professional life (church, leadership), you may – depending on the package you choose – include your Executive Pastor or Team.
*Quarterly billing options available



per year
6 One-Hour Video Calls
Low Level of Personal Access
Spouse May Be Included



per year
10 One-Hour Video Calls
Medium Level of Personal Access
Spouse May Be Included
Executive Pastor May Be Included

*Most Popular Package*



per year
20 One-Hour Video Calls
High Level of Personal Access
Spouse May Be Included
Executive Team May Be Included

EFM invoices are sent quarterly (every three months):

  • SILVER Coaching Plan – $875 per quarter – includes 6 one-hour video calls per year (basically one every other month)
  • GOLD Coaching Plan – $1250 per quarter – includes 10 one-hour video calls per year (basically one per month)
  • PLATINUM Coaching Plan – $2250 per quarter – includes 20 one-hour video calls per year (basically two per month) 

Coaching is for a minimum of one year. We are not on a contract so once the first year is completed, quarterly invoices will continue until a client cancels or suspends the partnership. When a client determines he wants to end our coaching arrangement, I request that we do one final quarter to allow me time to find new business.

Each year, I schedule one month OFF in the Spring and I also schedule time OFF during the holidays – from Thanksgiving through the end of the year.

My ministry focus is always on HEALTH that leads to GROWTH. Here is a letter that describes “how I serve” pastors & churches: LETTER FROM ED

If you have interest in scheduling a call to discuss further, I’ll be happy to answer any questions and we can determine together if what I offer is a match for your needs. It would be an honor to assist you and your team!

God’s best! Ed


While I am not a ministry headhunter, quite often – because I have relationship with so many pastors and churches – I am made aware of pastors and ministry staff in transition. If I have an established relationship with that person, it is a privilege to connect him/her to other churches who contact me asking for quality candidates for open ministry staff positions on their teams.
There are several excellent ministry placement organizations (Church Staffing, Minister Search, Slingshot, The Shepherd’s Staff, Vanderbloemen, etc.). They all specialize in helping place pastors and staff members in churches – usually for a hefty fee of 33 to 50% of the candidate’s first year compensation. By way of comparison – if you are one of my Coaching clients and hire a candidate that I recommend to you, I only charge a fee of 8% of the candidate’s first year compensation (or 12% for non-clients).
In order for me to assist you most effectively, please introduce yourself to me via text or email or click here: CONTACT. Your answers to the questions below will help me make the best recommendation. I promise to keep your information confidential.
Male or Female?
Married or Single?
Experience needed?
To whom will he/she report?
Job Description 
Oversight responsibilities
Salary & benefits package
Desired start date
Get Started