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Kingdom Partnerships

After 20 plus years of serving pastors and churches nationwide, I still believe I have the best job on earth!

Ecclesiastes 2:24 – There is nothing better for a man than to find satisfaction in his work. This pleasure comes from the hand of God.

Some pastors are hurting deeply and need encouragement. Other pastors are leading thriving churches and deserve to be celebrated. I’m blessed and grateful to be used by God in either circumstance.

The only part of my job that I don’t enjoy is raising support – but after several years of leading a non-profit ministry – I’ve learned the importance of doing so. I’ve been asking the Lord to put it in the hearts of pastors and churches with whom I have history – as well as friends outside ministry – to support EFM with monthly, annual, or one-time gifts.

In addition to my work with paying clients, I spend 30% of my time assisting pastors and church planters without receiving any income.

Please watch the video below from Pastor Vaughn Walwyn (Space City Church – Houston TX) whom I served at no cost for two years because of the generosity of churches and individuals that support EFM with gifts ranging from $250 to $1000 per month. He asked that I share his video as a way of saying “THANK YOU” for the impact those gifts have made with him and his church.

If I’m honest, I worked far too many hours in the early years of EFM – it was required to establish my new business. During the 2022 holidays, I sensed God nudging me to be a more intentional husband, father, grandfather, friend, and church member in the new year. In response, I made adjustments to my schedule and I have found a much healthier pace and life rhythm.

The primary adjustment I made was suspending all travel after many years of life on the road. This adjustment was long overdue. Because of some ongoing health challenges, air travel had become increasingly difficult. Today, I spend 100% of my time “video coaching” my clients from my home office.

My hope is to increase EFM support by $2500 per month so that I have a strong financial base to complement the income I receive from my paying clients.

If you give to EFM, I will use these additional resources in the following three ways:

(1) to serve pastors & churches who aren’t able to pay my coaching & consulting fees

(2) to cover my operational costs – health insurance, bookkeeping, website, supplies (laptop, iPad, phone)

(3) to assist (non-client) pastor friends who frequently contact me for advice, counsel, staff challenges, and emergencies

2 Corinthians 11:8 – I accepted pay from other churches and took their money so that I could serve you at no cost.

Thanks for prayerfully considering investing in EFM so that I can invest in others. Ideally, I request monthly support, but I would also welcome an annual or one-time gift.

Bethani and I certainly appreciate our life-giving partnerships.

God’s best! Ed

Your consistent financial gifts will make it possible for me to assist pastors who can’t afford to pay full coaching and consulting fees.

If you’d like to partner with us, here are two ways to make donations:

*Via Check – make payable & send to:

Ed Funderburk Ministries
10609 Melrose Lane
Keller TX 76244

*Via PayPal here:

*all gifts are tax-deductible 



How many years has Ed Funderburk Ministries existed? 

I launched EFM in the Fall of 2017 after serving 14 years as a pastor at Gateway Church in DFW.

Please describe how you assist pastors and churches

Here are the two primary services I offer:

COACHING – focused on personal life, professional life, team and leadership development

CONNECTING – I help churches find qualified candidates to fill open ministry staff positions

As a coach, I provide wisdom, counsel, and best practices. My ministry focus is always on HEALTH that leads to GROWTH. I coach lead pastors, executive pastors and teams, and other team members who are either being groomed for promotion or in need of an outside voice to overcome their under-performance.

What are some stories related to your work with churches? 

You can watch video testimonies from pastors across the nation here: WHAT THEY SAY

The fruit of my ministry is healthy leaders, healthy teams, and healthy churches. Many of the pastors I assist are able to better fulfill the assignments they received from the Lord when they were called to vocational ministry.

I encourage pastors to pursue personal and professional health so that they can lead and grow healthy, life-giving churches. I work alongside pastors and churches to help shape their ministries and develop the structures necessary for implementing their stated goals and visions for maximum kingdom impact and regional influence.

Please describe why you need financial support

After 35 years as a local church pastor – with a set salary and benefits – I stepped out in faith (Fall 2017) and became dependent on the generosity of my ministry friends. I realized early on that I would need to raise base support – possibly from pastors I had previously served.

Some of the churches I assist can’t afford to pay coaching and consulting fees. This additional financial support will offset the 30% of pastors I currently help at no charge.

Because EFM is a single employee, 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry, all monies received go into a ministry account – not to me personally. The EFM Board determines my salary and benefits which is taken from this account. These support funds will not go to a salary increase.

What type of financial assistance are you requesting?

In addition to my “paying” clients, several churches support EFM – $250 to $1000 per month. I also have a few individuals and families that support us monthly. I’ve been asking the Lord to put it in the hearts of other pastor friends to support EFM from their church’s Missions Budget.

Is there anything else you would like to mention as we consider your request? 

I appreciate your prayerful consideration for financial support to EFM. I’m grateful to all those who believe in me and provide resources to help me fulfill my kingdom assignment.