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What Leaders Are Saying

I want to recommend that you consider having Ed come and meet with you and your leaders - come and speak to your congregation. He’s a tremendous gift. He’s a wealth of wisdom, resources and knowledge.

Jay StewartSenior Pastor | The Refuge Church | Charlotte, NC

I believe Ed is one of the best in the game and I thank God for him and what he adds to the body of Christ.

Dino RizzoExecutive Director | ARC Churches | Birmingham, AL

Ed Funderburk is an incredible leader, coach, and mentor. He has a voice and a vote in my life. He also has veto power in my life. Ed has coached me through some of the most difficult times in ministry - staff transitions, structural changes, hiring and firing. Because of his investment in me, I'm a better leader, a better husband, a better father, and a better pastor.

Ben MurrayLead Pastor / City Hope Church / Wichita Falls, TX

Pastor Ed has come to The Refuge many times. He has spoken to our church. He’s met with our staff and key leaders. He has helped guide us through some of the challenges that all churches face.

Jay StewartSenior Pastor | The Refuge Church | Charlotte, NC

Each time Pastor Ed has been on our campus, we’ve seen extraordinary results. More important is the friendship that has developed between us – that level of trust – knowing there’s somebody I can call to get wisdom and coaching during difficult situations.

James SunnockSenior Pastor | Victory Life Church | Battle Creek, MI

If you invite Ed to your church, he’ll teach, he’ll train, he’ll inspire you, but he’ll see something you don’t see and he’ll challenge you to make it better.

Jerry LawsonLead Pastor | Daystar Church | Cullman, AL

The things that Ed spoke to me – the wisdom he gave me – allowed us to navigate a very difficult season. Seven years later, we have tripled in growth. Our church is healthier than it has ever been.

Matthew JohnsonLead Pastor |The Tree Church| Lancaster, OH

Not very many people have Ed’s unique ability – with passion, intellect, and experience – to connect with a local church on such an intimate, personal level and help them navigate through some really tricky territory.

Scott ShepherdLead Pastor | Cornerstone Church | Athens, GA

I want to encourage you to pick up the phone and make a connection with Ed. Taking that step has made all the difference in our ministry here.

James SunnockSenior Pastor | Victory Life Church | Battle Creek, MI

Ed Funderburk is one of the most amazing and unique personalities I’ve ever met. His gift set and what he’s able to do in the local church is like no one I’ve ever met. I thank God for him every day.

Jerry LawsonLead Pastor | Daystar Church | Cullman, AL

Ed has an exceptional capacity to serve the pastor and the local church as he brings his experience, his knowledge and his gifting together to help guide and assist in unique ways that I have not experienced from other consultants.

Tim GilliganSenior Pastor | Meadowbrook Church | Ocala, FL

Ed is a friend. He’s guy who just gets church. He understands the power and value of a healthy church. He’s a connector. Ed is a gift to the body of Christ. I believe you’ll find that Ed is a great gift to you as well.

Scott ShepherdLead Pastor | Cornerstone Church | Athens, GA

Ed’s friendship has really made me better – he’s been a source of encouragement to me. I hope you’ll connect with him so that you can experience the friendship I’ve enjoyed for many years.

Jeff LittleLead Pastor | Milestone Church | Keller, TX

As I was making the transition from the corporate world into ministry, several people pointed me to Ed Funderburk. They said he had lots of experience helping churches and helping people. Man – what an understatement that was!

Curtis WoodliffExecutive Pastor | High Ridge Church | Fort Worth, TX

If you’re looking to solve some practical problems in your church, I want to recommend Ed.

Jeff LittlePastor | Milestone Church

Ed is truly a pastor’s ally. Ed loves pastors and he loves the local church. Every pastor and leader needs to be connected to someone like Ed. You can trust that he will serve you well.

Tim GilliganPastor | Meadowbrook Church | Ocala, FL

“In addition to being a great coach, Ed Funderburk has become an incredible friend. Because he is outside my circle of leaders and my sphere of influence, I can be real and raw with him. His responses are non-biased and non-judgmental yet always helpful. Ed has helped me think strategically about our hiring process and his coaching has been invaluable.”

Jason CreechLead Pastor | A Church Called Home | Knoxville, TN