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While I am not a ministry head hunter, quite often – because I have relationship with so many pastors and churches – I am made aware of pastors and ministry staff in transition. If I have an established relationship with that person, it is a privilege to connect him/her to other churches who contact me asking for quality candidates for open ministry staff positions on their teams.

There are several excellent ministry placement organizations (Church Staffing, Minister Search, Slingshot, The Shepherd’s Staff, Vanderbloemen, etc.). They all specialize in helping place pastors and staff members in churches – usually for a hefty fee of 33% – 50% of the candidate’s first year compensation.

By way of comparison – if you are one of my Coaching or Consulting clients and hire a candidate that I recommend to you, I only charge a fee of 8% of the candidate’s first year compensation (or 12% for non-clients).

In order for me to assist you most effectively, please visit the CONTACT page to identify the role you are looking to fill.


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